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16 comments to “Online Shop South Africa”
  1. Hi Kay
    Nice site. I see that you are based in Mzansi. Do you perhaps have the offline store where I can come and view a variety of furniture you have in store? I would like to see more of the tv stands. Keep me posted via my email when you upload new furniture on your site.

    • Hi Maggie, I do not have a physical store only a drop-ship site as I ship straight from my supplier. I am still adding to my website which takes time. I do have a mobile site which you can contact me through on whatsapp which has more stock on. You can view it at through your phone or tablet. I have also added you to my mailing list. Looking forward to helping you find the right furniture.

  2. Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised. Your site is absolutely refreshing. What a great idea, it’s unfortunate that you only deliver to South Africa at the moment 🙁 I live in Canada and would definitely purchase from your site. Your content flow is very user-friendly and such a variety of items to choose from.
    Very pleased to have come across your site – I hope your shipping expands soon!!


  3. Thank you very much for such a recommendation, I browsed through your store and found very many tempting products. I feel like buying at least a pair of men’s shoes. they look wow. but I would like to know whether you ship your products outside south Africa. I am currently in Uganda east Africa.

    • Hello Mugalu, thank you for your reply, We are currently added more products daily. At the moment I am currently only delivering in South Africa, I will keep you posted once we expand.

  4. Hello, this is a very good website. It is the first time I am seeing anyone who has put out a website as good as this one. I think that I will be patronising this website a lot because of the fact that there are some good products to buy. My girlfriend too will like this a lot. I hope that you can review some products for us as well. I hope to see more from you. Cheers!

    • Thank you so much, John your comment is very much appreciated. I hope your girlfriend finds some lovely items to spoil everyone with.

  5. yeah anglewolf is one of the best online shopping  experiences I have had because their delivery is very fast and the last time I made an order I got it the exact date they said I would,and their prices  are very affordable they have all the kind of stock you might be looking for if you have not tried them out please do so they are the best thanks for this post 

    • It is such a pleasure Rose I am so happy your order arrived on time and that you were pleased with it. Thank you for your review and we look forward to your support.

  6. Wow, I see that you have so much to offer here with this really beautiful website here. I would very much love to do some shopping here and I like the fact that you have nice shoes as well. There is something for everyone and that’s a good thing. I will shop here. Thanks a lot.

    • Thank you Henderson, yes we are updating daily with products, feel free to sign up to our subscriber list to receive notifications of new products and massive sale items.

  7. These are really some very cool wears here and I must say that they are all of the top-notch quality. I like the shoe session and total layout. Since the winter is coming, it is almost time to start reshaping the wardrobe to get nice pairs. This is great and I like it. Thumbs up to you for sharing here. This is good. Since fashion is integral to our lives, we cannot help but make good use of online stores like this.

  8. Wow! To my surprise I was expecting a long content as other websites. I really like the way you present your content it’s direct to the point, I think this is the best idea, if I may ask, is this a normal website or it’s an application that is on progress, I would really also like to present content in your way,, I really appreciate you for coming up with uniqueness on you article, I am sure to subscribe to your newsfeed to learn more about this and other related articles, I find it easy for anyone who is ready for the purchase process.

    • Thank you Joy, yes I run my blog post along with a plugin to run my store too. The website runs as normal and my store is updated daily. 

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