Enter win contests – USA

enter win contests

So I’m back with enter win contests for our USA residents

Fingers crossed everyone enter win contests for our USA residents, WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ENTER TODAY? As I mentioned previously you can’t win if you don’t enter. I always enter competitions and the last big win I WON was a trip to Los Angles to the BET awards. So that’s right anyone can win if you enter. What will you enter win contests Today?

Omaze Enter and win contests

Ever wondered how to meet a celebrity, win a trip, or get in on luxury car bidding? Omaze has an online enter win contest sweepstake for you.  Every Omaze campaign supports an incredible cause and gets you the chance to win a life-changing experience.

enter win contests

* Enter win contests a Month – $1000 Easter Egg Hunt

Enter your email to get a chance to win a $1000 Easter Giveaway! 

* Sweepszilla

Sweeps offer with over $10,000 in total prizes. Winner picked every day!

Over &10000 in total prizes

* $100 Gift Card to See Captain Marvel

Get a chance to enter win contests, $100 Fandango Gift Card to go see the new Captain Marvel!

enter win contests

* iPhone XR

Win XR

* SweepstakesBucks.com

Come visit every week to earn your chance to win $50,000!

* MyDailyMoment.com – $10,000 Sweepstakes

enter win contests

* Free Samples

enter win contests

* win $1000 set of Callaway Golf clubs!

Win a $1000 Set of Callaway Golf Clubs!

* Instant Play Sweepstakes – Dream Car or Dream home

enter win contests

* $300,000 Instant Play

* Everyday Winner $500 Sweepstakes

enter win contests

* MLB game and 2 jerseys of your choice!

*Grand Prize of $5,000 towards a Disney Vacation! Other prizes are available daily!  

 * Walmart Gift Card

*  A Summer Retail Shopping Spree valued at $1000! 

enter win contests

* Sweepstakes A Day – Walmart Gift Card

enter win contests

* Memorial Day Grilling –  win $1000 Memorial Day Grill!

* $1000 set of TaylorMade Golf clubs!  

enter win contests

* Win $1000 gift card for FREE pet food for a year  

enter win contests

* Get a free recipe book  

* $1000 Gas Card

Take the survey for a chance to win a $1000 gas card!

* Win $5,000

* Sweeps Lottery

Draw a number for a chance to win $50,000

* FREE Samples

Get FREE samples from your favourite brands!

enter win contests

* Mommy Shopping Spree

* The Class Action Guide

Get access to all of the Class Action Lawsuits currently in process. You can find out if you are entitled to any compensation as a result of any of these lawsuits.

* Click 2 Win 4 Life

Draw a number for a chance to win $1,000 a week FOR LIFE.

enter win contests

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17 comments to “Enter win contests – USA”
  1. Wow! I can’t believe all those prizes in sweepstakes. You have wide array to choose from and If it was me, I would go for Disneyland Adventure and the $150,000 Home Makeover. Sadly, we don’t have that in Asia. Sure there are raffle draws and promos but not as grand as your country’s prizes. Thanks for sharing this. Do you know if there anything available internationally? Hmm… it’s gonna be hard, right?

    • MissusB thank you for the reply I will see what I can fid for Asia here are some worldwide surveys you may be interested in. I am based in South Africa and I envy the USA with their sweepstakes.

  2. USA sweepstakes and contest winners need to be mindful of federal and state income tax liabilities that come with winning. Winnings are considered taxable income regardless of whether it is in the form of cash, merchandise, trips, and the like. The contest or sweepstakes sponsor is required to give winners an IRS Form 1099-MISC for prizes valued over $600.

  3. I’ll look forward to a wonderful experience as this. I’ve been involved in stuffs like this but it all turned out to be unorganized and I end up losing my money, I think I’ll give it a shot sometime. Thanks for the update, I want to win so I guess I have to enter. The site is very interesting and its field with lots of options for your readers to make money from.  That is a very cool one and I am very attracted to prizes. Well done.

  4. You certainly have done your homework when it comes to competitions online to enter. There are so many, I am not sure which one to choose and which will be the best chance of winning. Any recommendations according to your experience?

    I am from South Africa. Would I be eligible to enter any of these competitions or would I simply be wasting my time?

    Thank you for putting all these offers on one page, as it just makes it easier for people to run down the list instead of having to search the web. 

    • I am also from South Africa so these ones for the USA we would not be eligible for, I will post for South Africa once I come across them though. 

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this post, I am so pleased I came across your post here, you see, I am looking for ways to earn a little extra money while I build up my own online affiliate marketing business, I have been looking into many different ways of earning some money but I must admit, I never even thought about taking part in competitions and you have so many here to choose from, I will most certainly be giving them a try, thank you once again for sharing. 

  6. Seeing so many options at winning lots of bucks is really awesome and I will definitely give all of them my best shot. Thanks for sharing all these excellent ways to possibly try one’s luck. God bless you and I will try it all. Who knows, my luck might work well with one of these options available. Thanks

    • Thank you Cinderella
      I love entering sweepstakes I fully believe that if you want to win you need to enter. That’s how I won my awsome trip from South Africa to Los Angeles

  7. Wow! I am really envious on the different types of sweepstakes choices in USA as there is only a few options in my country and prizes are not as attractive. I am very much attracted to the prize of a free home makeover in the Instant Play Sweepstakes. How I wish this is available in my country.

    • I agree the USA and the UK get many contests, South Africa does not have as many. I would love a homemaker too as well as some new appliances haha. Thanks for stopping by.

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