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We would all like to grow our business online and increase our traffic and today I want to share how to get more web traffic to your site or affiliate links using Leads Leap. When you share your referral link anywhere online and someone clicks on it and joins for free, they will be shown your recommendations and when they are interested they will sign up at your site(s) and become your referral and downline member.

how to get more web traffic

Leads Leap

How to get more web traffic? Advertising is not just about getting traffic. You need to know what kind of traffic you are getting and whether they are the target audiences you want to reach out to.

How to get more web traffic and what kind of visitors can Leads Leap send you?

LeadsLeap attracts the following kind of visitors:

– Online marketers who use their marketing tools for their businesses.

– Motivated individuals who want to know how to get more web traffic, with a desire to make money online and are here to participate in their various money-making programs.

– Business owners or affiliate marketers who are here to advertise and get traffic to their websites.

– Other visitors who are not leads leap members but happen to see your ad in their PPC Widgets and Link Trackers. I can conservatively say that these are individuals who are active in online marketing. They may be looking for money-making opportunities,  or wanting to know how to get more web traffic  and/or ways to grow their businesses.

If you have a good offer for these target audiences, LeadsLeap advertising will work for you.

How to get more web traffic with leads leap?

They don’t leave things to chance. When you advertise, they make sure that you get traffic. This is how they do it…

1) They incentivize their members to visit your ads.

Before I explain further, let me share with you how conventional ad reward programs work.

In most (or maybe all) ad reward programs, members are rewarded for viewing an ad for 10-20 seconds. These members are conditioned to be a ‘timer watcher’. Once the time is up, they will go to another ad to earn more credits, regardless of whether your offer is interesting.

Such a system is basically pushing your visitors away instead of encouraging them to stay.

LeadsLeap’s ad reward system rewards members based on their surfing durations. The longer they surf, the more credits they earn. If your ad is interesting, they are more than happy to continue surfing and find out more about your offer.

2) They have a PPC program that pays members to send traffic to your ads.

Their PPC program pays members who send non-member traffic to your ad. This encourages their members to show their ad widget on their websites and in their link trackers that can be shown in hundreds of other traffic sites.

This means your ads are not only seen by their own members but also tens of thousands of other individuals.

How they ensure you get real visitors, not just clicks?

Have you seen how their link tracker works? It uses their proprietary tracking system that can monitor visitors’ surfing activities and hence determine whether a click is just a click or a real visitor.

The same technology that is used in their link tracker is also used in their ad system.

You will know what is the surfing duration of the visitors to your ad. If there is no real surfing activity, the click is not counted. This ensures that they send you real visitors, not just clicks.

Advertising Plans

They have 2 advertising plans: Credit Ad and Pro Ad.

Credit Ad It is available free for all members, fueled by ad credits. $0 with a 25% recurring of Affiliate commissions.
Pro Ad It is their premium advertising plan available only to  Pro Members. It requires a monthly subscription of $27/mth with a 50% recurring of Affiliate commissions.

Below is the comparison chart for these 2 plans:

advertising plans

I am confident that you will benefit from their Pro Membership. But I don’t want to lure you into upgrading with the mentality of trying. If you want to try, stay as a Free Member. The system will work if you put it into full use, even as a Free Member.

But if you have explored LeadsLeap and want to speed up your result, go Pro. They back your decision with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Set up your Pro Ads, Profile, Top Recommendations, and Followers’ Message. If you are not satisfied with the result, then drop them a support ticket in the first 30 days and they will process a full refund for you.

As an added bonus you can download the OTO List Builder for FREE here or click on the image to download for FREE

How to get more web traffic

I hope you enjoyed this article and feel free leave any comments or share with us which traffic sources you use. I will be sharing a few other traffic sources which I use in the days to come. Until next time have a fantastic week.

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how to get more web traffic

12 comments to “How to get more web traffic – Leads Leap”
  1. Hi! Had to look into Leads Leap to know if they are really legit and offer good web traffic. And I am glad to see from your review they can be trusted to deliver.

    I also like that they have a free membership that can give one the opportunity to test drive and see if it is worth it.

    But I would like you to clear me on this…

    You said free members have to use ad credit right?

    How exactly does one get this credit, do you have to buy them or do some services within the community to get them?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hi Queen, thank you for having a look at leads leap. Free members can earn these credits by viewing other peoples ads or biz opportunities. Those credits can then be used to place your own ads if you choose to remain a free member. 

  2. Hi Kaye – This is an interesting concept.  I am a newbie working on quality content for my website.  Is Leads Lender only for advertising with ads or for content blogs as well?  It seems like an exchange base for members to view each other’s offers.  Is that correct?  I’m always open to learn about new ideas!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Hi Nathaniel, you can advertise your content from your blogs too, I have had new subscribers to my blog though leads leap which is great. Best of luck on your new business adventure. 

  3. Hello Kay

    Thanks for your very informative post about how to get traffic using leads leap. This really sounds interesting. It is nice to know that there are other ways of getting traffic to your website. This is a subject I am really struggling with and I am sure there are many people out there in the same boat. I will certainly like to try your recommendations.  I particularly like the fact that there is a free membership to see if it works. The price for the premium also sounds reasonable. Thanks for providing such a balanced review.

    • Sitheni, yes getting traffic is something I have also been struggling with. I am happy to say that I have been receiving real human traffic through this system and it’s great that you can test it out for free. Please let us know how it has helped you. 

  4. Hi there!  The website is great. I really like the name of your site. The articles are informative.  I also looked at your survey post.  How do you manage all of these program.  Do you have a journal for each one of them?  The leads post opened up my thinking on all the possibilities available.  Thank you so much.  All the Best, Krista

    • Hi Krista, thank you so much for the compliment. I do have a journal yes, I’d be 100% lost if I did not use one. haha. Traffic leads are a great way to help get exposure. There are so many possibilities out there one just needs to search. 

  5. Hello, interesting article you have up here concerning leads leap. Firstly, I like the fact that leadsleap do offer realistic traffic to one’s website and this could go a long way as to helping with one’s business and how they get it, is also fair enough to award credibility to them. However, I would like to know if this leads leap can send traffic to business niches that are not associated with making money online?

    • Hi RoDarrick and thank you for the comment, yes you can send links for offers which are not associated with making money online. I also use them to send my affiliate links with maxbounty and ClickBank too. 

  6. Hi Kay, This is a well written review which goes into detail about what people can expect from leads leap.

    I like it that you do not encourage people to go and buy it, but to “try” the free version first to see if it suitable for their needs.

    That is the sensible way to do it, anyone reading this comment who thinks it could be something that could help them, give it a try.

    Thanks, for the review,

    • Thank you, Frank, I was also skeptical at first and thought I’d give it a try. I have been using it for a few months now and I am quit happy with it.

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