How to make money in 2020 – Be your own Boss Be Your Future

Why you’re here?? to make money in 2020

Well, ob course you’re here to learn how to make money in 2020. We are now at the end of 2019 and Christmas is just a month away we’re all planning what to buy for the festive season snacks, eats, and what presents to buy for our family and friends. “

make money in 2020

“Hmmm, have you been a naughty boy/girl this year?”

And the next minute you know this year has flown by. I know many could agree with me that 2019 has been one hell of a financial challenge. I’ve had many financial battles this year with my car and it has cost us thousands to fix it although that car has travelled many kilometres for us it has worked hard. 2019 has been the year where I have learnt how to be successful with my online business and as I go I will make money in 2020.

Were I began

Earlier I started off with my online journey teaching English and also recruiting new potential teachers. I was very interested in online affiliate marketing and searched the internet on how I can get going with all this success that everyone is talking about.

I felt so overwhelmed with trying to understand all “this Internet nuts and bolts“. That is when I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to get rolling with this.

These are some of the topics and the success I have achieved in the past 6 months of creating my home online business.

make money in 2020

Section 1

  • Understanding how to make money online.
  • Choosing a niche. I started off by doing surveys and entering sweepstakes to make that little bit of extra cash. I’ve tried that is another great site which shares all sorts of ideas on how to make money online.
  • Building my OWN niche website.
  • Setting up my OWN website.
  • Getting my site ready for search engines. SEO I find Yoast SEO to be great for a woo-commerce store.
  • Creating my initial website content as well as building my OWN dropshipping store.
  • Creating custom menus on my website.
  • Understanding the keywords the start of your journey.

Section 2

  • My own domain, my brand
  • Move on over my brand has arrived
  • Creating keyword-rich content
  • Setting up a domain-specific email account
  • The traffic breakdown
  • Making use of visuals
  • Understanding the low hanging fruit
  • Making face as a real person
  • Amplifying my productivity
  • Boosting my WA ranks

Section 3

  • Fully comprehend the “Customer Purchase Lifecycle” process 
  • How to earn money through affiliate programs in my niche 
  • Understand the benefits of affiliate networks (and which ones are best) 
  • How to effectively incorporate affiliate links into my content
  •  Understanding the NUMBERS associated with a lucrative business in the online world
  •  Leveraging affiliate promo materials (images & banners) 
  • Where to gain instant access to promote MILLIONS of products within every niche imaginable
  • How to add “shopping” widgets to my website 
  • Monetizing product reviews on my website 
  • How to get INSTANT access to product news within my industry 
  • How to benefit from Google Adsense on my site 
  • Using publishing network alternatives to my advantage 
  • Understanding the difference between earning big commissions or working for pennies on my site 
  • Earning revenue through singular product reviews 
  • A tricky advertising technique that very few people know about

Section 4

  • What Does Social Marketing Mean to my Business
  •  Why Social Engagement is More Important than Social Marketing 
  • Making my Website a Place to Engage 
  • How to Amplify the Sharability of ANY Content That I Create 
  • How to Become a Facebook Powerhouse Understanding Facebook
  • EdgeRank Using Visuals to Attract a Following Using Pinterest to Explode My Campaigns 
  • How the Twittersphere Really Works and How I Can Benefit 
  • How to Compose an Effective Tweet Leveraging Google
  •  Implementing Google Authorship to add to my Credibility, Brand, and Click-throughs
  •  Making ALL of My Activities Online Social by Nature 
  • How to Earn Consistent Revenue by Socializing Here at Wealthy Affiliate Easy
  • Simple and Effective Ways to Earn Through Sharing 
  • When it is RIGHT and WRONG to use a Social Medium 
  • How and When to go into “Share Only” Mode Setting Myself Up for a Lifetime of Social Engagement and Success!

Section 5

  • Content is MY Business
  • Setting Up Google Console
  • Improving Indexing Times and Speeds
  • People need to read my content

Things I still need to learn and how I will make money in 2020

  • A Year is a Short Period of Time, Yet BIG for Business
  • Writing Within a Devised Plan Architecture
  • Writing My Content With Conversion Intent
  • Injecting Comments with Intent
  • Bing and Yahoo, They Are Still the 33%
  • Articulating a PLAN for the months and year ahead

In addition to the above, there is also a 70 lesson Affiliate Program discussing the following

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling

  • Understand the WA Affiliate Program Opportunity 
  • How to Set and Reach Extraordinary Affiliate Goals 
  • Learn How I Can Meet them in Vegas next year!
  • How to Share Content Within Wealthy Affiliate and Earn 
  • Finding and Creating a Successful “Authority” Style Domain 
  • Creating a Massively Successful WA Affiliate Campaign

Creating Readable Content that Converts

  • Properly Using Affiliate Links
  • Understanding Keywords & A Day of Selling
  • Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords
  • Take a break, catch up
  • Backing Up My Website
  • Enhancing My Website “Experience”
  • Building MORE Content Through Internal Links
  • Write a Review and Share It
  • Offering Bonuses the Easy WA

Giving My Site Social Value

  • How to Add Social Plugins to MY Website 
  • The True Benefits of Going “Social”
  •  What Social Networks You Need to Use and Which Ones to Avoid 
  • How to Write Content That is Socially Engaging
  • Effective Sharing Techniques 
  • Creating a Website That is Socially Friendly With Google 
  • The Financial Benefit to Contributing to WA

Get Visual, Aesthetic AND a Brand Through…

  • How to Design High Converting Web Pages 
  • Making My Content a Brilliant Visitor Experience 
  • Adding Charts & Graphs to My Pages Using Screen Captures to Emphasize My Expertise
  • Leveraging Pinterest for Visual Traffic 
  • How to Pin It

Knowing My Audiences & Catapulting My Referrals…

  • How to Write With Intent
  • Amplifying My Conversions Through Subtle Content Additions
  • A Community Commenting Project 
  • The Best Way to Share to Encourage Engagement
  • How to Get My Comments to Convert 
  • Blasting Traffic Using Video 
  • Harnessing the Power of Youtube
make money in 2020

Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC

  • An Introduction to PPC on Bing Ads 
  • How to Submit Your Website to Bing 
  • Letting Bing Know How to Find Your Pages 
  • Creating a BingAds Account 
  • How to Create a Quality, High CTR Ad Group 
  • Tracking Free & Premium Referrals Through PPC 
  • Refining Your Campaigns for Maximal Conversion Rates 
  • Using Hidden Pages To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link
  •  How to Properly Leverage the Content Network 
  • Spying on Your Competition For Your Own Benefit

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns 

  • Properly Creating and Setting up a Google Adwords Account 
  • Understanding How to Create Relevant PPC Specific Pages
  • How to Set-up Google Conversion Tracking
  • Setting Up High-Quality Score Ad Groups 
  • Creating High CTR (Click Through Ratio)
  • Ads Managing PPC Prices for Maximum Benefits 
  • Maximizing Review Pages With PPC 
  • How to Get Google Adwords Support When You Need It 
  • Using Comparison Tables to Maximize Conversions 
  • The Relevance of Checkbox Strategy 
  • To Direct Link or Not to Direct Link Maximizing Your Profits By Understanding the PPC Math 
  • Creating Long Term PPC Success

So as you can see there is so much to learn and benefit from. WA is going to be offering the Premium Yearly membership at the lowest price ever.  $299 for an entire year of the premium membership!

The excitement around this has been AMAZING thus far and I sense that A LOT of people are going to be taking advantage of it.

I want to let you in on something quickly.  

There is a “pet project’ that Kyle has been secretly working on behind the scenes that is truly going to change your mind, your perspective, and your speed in which you can create a substantial and full-time business in the year ahead.   

So much is coming in 2020 to members at Wealthy Affiliate. 

WA only make offers like this because they truly care about you and your success.  Helping YOU is their passion. Ultimately if they can change your life for the better, WA will take every step they can to make that happen and I couldn’t agree more this offer is going to appeal to everyone.

Premium is the starting point for your success and will be your ONLY business expense/investment you need to make in the year ahead! 🙂 This is going to be your break though to make money in 2020.

This is also going to come with several “never seen before” bonuses, including:

  • #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask him Anything) – Live Class
  • #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.
  • #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
  • #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

These are all never seen before bonuses, that are exclusive to those that take part in the Black Friday deal.

Another huge perk to going yearly on Black Friday is that you are going to be grandfathered into this price forever, as long as you stay on this membership. This means when your membership dues come up next year, they will only be $299 for another entire year within the exclusive Premium membership here at WA. You can still join now and it’s for free.

Wishing you all the best and much success. Are you already apart of the WA family? Please share with us your success and how WA has and is still helping you.

Remember that you can always sign up to WA for free and check it out first and start with the training. Get a feel for it.

26 comments to “How to make money in 2020 – Be your own Boss Be Your Future”
  1. I have been hearing quite a lot about wealthy affiliate before I finally became a member, and since I became a member I have been learning quite a lot when it comes to making money online from the training I have been getting there. I am still on the phase of choosing a niche because I have passion for two different things that can’t be merged into one website. I hope to start my blog from 2020.

  2. 2019 has surely been a hell of an eventful year for you and I hope 2020 would boom more for you. You getting to know about wealthy affiliate has really changed a lot of things about you and that alone is massive. Thanks so much for sharing all these details with us. I feel that joining wealthy affiliate can really be the game-changer for me too. Thanks

    • You are right Shelly, I have learnt so much here at WA. When I joined I knew nothing about affiliate marketing or creating a website. I am so excited to hear you will be joining, best of luck and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

  3. Massive!!! is the only word coming to my mind for this coming year having looked at how interesting your 2019 has been. Though I have heard a lot about wealthy affiliate but I am yet to take the self-defining step to join them. Well, this seems very okay to know of and I would like to give a trial too. This is like a self-developing platform and also offer so many potentials to earn too. Great one

    • Most definitely Julianne I understand people are sceptical about which platforms they should join online.  The first thing which really caught my eye about Wealthy Affiliate is that you have nothing to lose trying out the free trial which gives you access to the Premium version, once I had started and realised how much I could learn and benefit from it I had to upgrade there was just no doubt in my mind. 

  4. Sharing this with us alone has showed how interesting and helpful you have been concerning us and how willing you are going to help us develop in 2020. If one could take this good use of wealthy affiliate and register during this period of bonus offering, it would make everything else worthy and easier to go by. This is coming as a challenge to me and I’m willing enough to take it up.

    • That is great news Rodarrick, this is the way forward in 2020, and these bonuses are going to be amazing, could you imagine what your costs would be to gain this knowledge? Take that challenge 
      “All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” Wishing you much success.

  5. Hi Kay Keene, thank you very much for publishing a great article on “How to make money in 2020” with a great title “Be your own Boss Be Your Future”. I was looking for an article where I can get a proper guideline to earn money from online. By reading your post I got many useful tips for earning money online. Finally, can you suggest a good tools for keyword research?

    • Thank you, Abul, within the community there is even more training and everyone is so helpful. You can ask questions at any time and there will always be someone there to help you. There are many keyword search tools out there and most are costly. Within WA as a premium member, you get free access to Jaxxy, you can read more about WA and Jaaxy my article here.

  6. Hello Kay!

    Wow, you have already done a lot of things this year, and you have prepared a solid basis to start from when 2020 begins! Of course there are lots of stuff to achieve in the next year too. By personal experience, to me 2019 has not been so full of Wealthy Affiliate – I only found this powerful site right after Mid-October and it’s still less than six weeks since I joined them, that’s also because only recently did I become more concerned about how to make money online, while following a passion which translates into niche content.

    Right now, I have to better understand how to use social networks (in 2019 and 2020) to promote my business and to attract visitors. By 2020 I should go better, especially while I know so well that I’m almost invisible on social media.

    Becoming our bosses is a difficult and a challenging way which has to be walked step-by-step!

    From what we can see in the article, you have a very good idea about what is left to do. Have lots of success in 2020 and in the rest of 2019!

    Best regards,


    • Thank you so much, I joined WA in June from not knowing anything and feeling very overwhelmed. I am very happy I came across WA as now I have actually been able to come up with a plan and with much guidance, I am getting there. I look forward to what 2020 holds.

  7. Ah, this is a very good post with very good information as well on the awesome platform. I have been hearing about this yearly slashed offer but I have never thought of giving it a try. I will really like to give this a try. I see that there are still so many things for me to learn from what you have written here. I will make sure that I make the best of this coming year. Cheers!

    • That’s great John there is so much to learn and the internet is changing at such a rapid pace. I like that WA keeps us updated with all the technical stuff.

  8. Wow thanks for this great post on how to make more money online in 2020, honestly  2019 so far has been my worst year of online marketing because I got scammed so many times online and it was because of my ignorance, anyways ever since I have been on the wealthy affiliate site I have recovered a lot and also have been looking for more success in 2020, thanks for this post and points you have listed on how to make it through 

    • My pleasure Rose, I agree 2019 has been a challenge thanks to WA I have been able to figure out where I would like to be. I wish you all the best. 

  9. Hello Kay, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Making a business online is not easy but it is definitely worth it. I started my online business in 2019 and I know I will be much more successful in 2020. I am glad you explained the whole process as folks usually don’t know where to start, I am sure this will help many people to feel the benefits of working from home.

    • Thank you Danijel, yes it has been quite a road to travel,  I hope that I will be able to help others in the new year and guide them to achieve success too. Finding a starting point is what seems to be a challenge, once you understand the basics you can begin to build a foundation, the trick is to never give up. We must all learn from failure. 

      Success is when something which you’ve been working for and wanting to happen, happens. Failure is the opposite. … Failure is just another form of success which people don’t tend to look at. That doesn’t mean failing is not failing, but what I mean to say is, failure shouldn’t be seen as such.


  10. t is true that the more you learn is the more you know that you do not know anything at all. This is really massive and I like everything I have read here. The thing that wow me the most in here is the fact that everything follows a listing pattern and I kind of like it because it makes every information easily accessible to me. Thumbs up to you for sharing this here. Wealthy affiliate is truly worthy

    • I like that pattern too Rodarrick and the fact that I can find something again when I need it is great. Thanks so much for your reply.

  11. These are truly some really nice steps to take when one wants to be successful in making money online and indeed 2020 is a big year for all with we all setting new goals for ourselves. Starting an affiliate marking business is nice and getting a fast-selling niche with good contents on your site would go a long way to helping your success. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips

  12. As a member of wealthy affiliate, I am compelled to say that this post of yours is very accurate on the platform. I have just gone on to get myself the yearly premium membership and I feel like it is a very good thing for me to have done. It is very nice to hear that you can give the information about what we should expect in the next year. This is good. Thanks.

    • I am so excited Henderson, and congrats on the yearly upgrade it really will benefit you. I look forward to hearing of your success. 

  13. WA truly is one the best programs right now on the net. The training is top-notch and the fact that they don’t ask for thousands of dollars like other online businesses. Your article is well-written and on point. Thanks.

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