How To Optimize SEO With Images

How to optimize SEO then ?  Creating SEO friendly images is simple to do, yet many website owners neglect this valuable source of search engine traffic. To make it even more simple, WordPress has some great tools built in to help you on how to optimize your images for SEO, and you use the All-in-One SEO Pack to maximize your optimization.

Important things to know

The most important thing to know is that while people can see your images, search engines cannot “read” them. They can only read the words in the tags and titles you give your images. Therefore, these are the areas you want to attend to when adding images to your WordPress site.

Two points to keep in mind:

• All images should have ALT and TITLE attributes defined. This is the image equivalent of the doc title or meta description for the page.
• Image filenames should have a relevant name, ideally with a keyword in it. For example, an image file of “logo.jpg” might make sense to you, the website owner, but it won’t mean anything at all to a search engine. “SemperPluginsWordPressPlugins.png” is a much more descriptive, and relevant, filename.

Next time you add an image to a WordPress page or post, remember to give the image file a relevant name and fill in the spaces provided for ALT and TITLE tags. Depending on how many images you have on your site, you may want to go back and at least complete the ALT and TITLE tags.

And if you really want to go all out with your search engine optimization, the All in One SEO Pack plugin for WordPress is the #1 most downloaded WordPress plugin.

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How To Optimize SEO

10 comments to “How To Optimize SEO – IMAGES ARE IMPORTANT”
  1. Great info! Images are something that I tend to neglect. I focus more on the content of what I am writing & include images to help with the visual aspect. However, it’s awesome to know that images can serve more purpose than just being visually appealing…they can also help bring visitors to your site!
    Moving forward, I’ll be sure to define my images!

  2. Very useful article, thank you for sharing!
    Just one question. Does it matter how you write the alt and title tag? I usually seperate the words with a ‘-‘
    For example:
    Best-backpacks-2019.. etc..
    i dont know if there is a right or wrong Way to do this, hopefully you can help me out here 🙂

  3. Hi Kay,
    This is a great post that explains the importance of images and filling in the title and alt tributes. Most people don’t do this which means that their images will not be read and indexed by search engines.

  4. Hello Kay, thank you for this Eye-opener on the importance of making use of that seo tools. I’m happy you can open our eyes to those. I really dodntknow that WordPress had a plug in I could use to optimise my website for the search engines. This is very good and you have also added some very relevant tips to help me too. I will most definitely upgrade to that plug in. Thank you again.

  5. Thabks so much for talking about how to optimize with SEO images. Getting the right set of images to fit perfectly into my website has been an issue because it has delayed my website speed and a lot of my site visitors kept on complaining to me and I am kind of not a tech savvy, so coming across this post is really of benefits to me. Thanks

  6. Hi,

    Great resources for how to Optimize image for SEO. As an online marketer, I know how important is SEO for us. And images as well. But if images are not properly optimized then it could affect your website SEO. Search engine doesn’t like slow-loading pages and if we don’t use image title and alt tag then its effect our website ranking. In this article, you explain everything very well which definitely could help the blogger and online marketer like us.

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