How To Search For Keywords – 2 Best Tools

is the best keyword research tool at

I am frequently asked, “How do you look for keywords?” “How to search for keywords?”

There are numerous ways how to search for keywords, but I will proportion with you the approach I use. Doing it like this, you will end up with a set of terms. Build a solid online enterprise that you’ll love, with a view to set you loose permitting you to attain your goals.

  • Surely there’s no higher time for someone to create security for themselves than now on the internet. Especially with COVID-19.
  • Sadly, many people give up just earlier than seeing tangible results. If you haven’t made it but, it is not your fault. Patience, trial and error are how we succeed.
  • Unfortunately, the internet is a swamp of snake oil salesmen, smoke monitors and the shell video games of the get wealthy short experts.

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  • Luckily, if all this smoke and shell video games has gotten you stressed and extra than a little bit scared, take a deep breath and loosen up. We are going to blow away that smoke and spoil down the way to discover key phrases with three easy steps.
  • Certainly, we are able to then take aim at that confusion and fear and rid you in their outcomes.

How to search for keywords using Jaaxy.

The biggest tool I use is Jaaxy. You can test out Jaaxy for free. Enter any term you believe you studied that you may want to construct a website or website online web page round. The keyword device will deliver the range of monthly searches global for that term.

What you’ll in all likelihood discover is that many phrases get many searches, but the greater excessive the searches, the more opposition you’ll have. This will make it in particular tough for a beginner setting out.

Here is a hint for you. The key-word list will display masses of viable diversifications of the term you entered in conjunction with their respective search volumes.

You will find that the lower the extent, the longer the search phrase (known as long-tail keywords) For instance, I simply entered the quest time period “flowers”. The effects display that there are approximately 1022603 searches worldwide consistent with month for that time period. It also suggests that competition is very high. You would have a tough time carving your self a niche on this problem.

how to search for keywords

So I added long tail words: buy cheap flowers

how to search for keywords

From the “buy cheap flowers” listing, I can see “cheap flowers free delivery” has an average search of 4053. and a low competition of 64 QSR which is low competition. So then I know now that I can create my article using these keywords. Therefore I stand a good chance of ranking high with it.

This would be a super start line. Do you want your web site to be around the theme of cheap flowers and feature little opposition? Or do you need to take better call for with its higher opposition?

This process works whether you are considering any problem from raising rabbits to promoting multimillion dollar scientific imaging gadget.

This record will help you get started to your look for key phrases.

The information under will help clearly nail down which key phrases are your satisfactory bet.

Do an ordinary Google seek at the terms you’re thinking about. Look at the first web page of the effects. Count what number of advertisements there are all around the web page. Notice what number of them are doing affiliate advertising.

This is a superb signal. A page with many advertisements means that people are shopping for. A truely appropriate indicator of how stiff opposition is for a time period is to do a Google search exactly

As follows:

intitle:”your keyword phrase” intext:”your key-word phrase” inanchor:”your key-word word” inurl:”your keyword word”.

This will yield quite a number within the top left of the consequences web page. That tells you of ways severe your opposition is.

By repeating the above manner time and again once more, you will become familiar with a listing of the right keyword phrases that need to be easy to dominate. In short, that is how you can make money online. If the terms are long, that is perfectly ok.

My second choice for a keyword tool is KGR Keyword Tool. Known as the  “keyword golden ratio” (KGR) strategy 

What If You could identify keyword phrases that almost guaranteed rankings and traffic within 24 hours?

These keywords are identified by using a PROVEN Data-Driven method which has been tested thousands of times.

What if you knew that there was hardly any competition for these keywords, leaving you to gather them up, bundle them into one piece of content and drive loads of traffic!

If you knew that by using these keywords, that you could catapult your rankings for even more competitive keywords too just by the time spent on your content from your initial keywords that Google starts ranking you higher in the search engines and driving even more traffic?

Who is behind the tool?

This strategy was created by Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project. Doug teaches niche marketing strategies to his students and they have been enjoying major success with this strategy called the Keyword Golden Ratio.

It’s a simple enough strategy and it’s based on a calculation of how many websites have content with the keywords you want to target within the title and divided by the search volume.
This gives the Golden Ratio that’s making 5 figures per month for his students and there are case studies over on his site for all to see.


Multiple services have now popped up on places like fiverr and Airtasker offering this as a done for you keyword research gig and its escalated in price which ranges from 5 bucks to 180. The reason is that the part of the process to get the keywords in title volume was a manual one, that had to be done with one keyword at a time and it is a slow and laborious process.

New Software Makes It Even Easier…

KGR Keyword Tool helps to take the laborious process out of the strategy.
This tool not only does that ‘Data-Driven Calculation’ for the keywords, but it also bulk checks the ‘all in title’ count which is what had to be done manually until now.

Here’s What This Software Will Do For You…

* Uncover Golden Ratio Keywords that are PROVEN to RANK within 24hrs

Perform Bulk Searches to Uncover 100’s & 1000’s of Golden Keywords…Then RANK for Each one
* Search for PROVEN Keywords in ANY Language & in ANY Niche. You’re in full Control
** Perform advanced searches & use Filters to Find Perfect Keywords to Target
* PLUS So Much More… 

The tool works with unlimited keywords, unlimited projects, and campaigns and is a one time cost of $47
You can grab this now and start driving traffic to your content with confidence for a small cost.

KGR and Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool at the moment. So if you’re wondering how to search for keywords then one of these could benefit you. If you have or use any other keyword research tool please feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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  1. I enjoyed this article as keyword research is such a vital part of ranking. I use jaaxy as my main research tool, but was also interested to learn about KGR keyword tool. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Hey Kay,

    Thanks a lot for this article. I want to try the KGR tool? Where can I register for it? I can not find their website. Appreciate your help.

  3. Thank you for this review of two great keyword research tools. I had never heard of the one called KGR, but will certainly do more research on it. One of the most significant parts of internet marketing is finding the right keywords. The other one, Jaaxi, I am already familiar with and use regularly.

    The example keyword you mentioned “cheap flowers free delivery” is the best keyword I have ever seen. Maybe I am in the wrong niche (lol). Also thanks for your suggestion to use long tail keywords.

    • My pleasure Jerry, I have been achieving better results using long-tail keywords, one needs to remember that everyone uses different search terms when looking for something. Long-tail keywords seem to work better for me. And yes I have also wondered if I am in the wrong niche haha. Best of luck to you.

  4. Thanks for sharing this article with the members of the public, this is basically what my brother needs right now. He’s currently working on his website. This information is really going to help him. The choice of keywords to choose while putting up a website is really very important, so many a time people fall victims of choosing words that turns out to be very competitive and frequent in the market, forgetting that the greater excessive the searches the more opposition you’ll have just as you’ve said. Thanks for this article once again. 

    • My pleasure Sheddy, I hope this article will help your brother succeed in choosing the right keywords and how to search for keywords. 

  5. I must first commend your effort in putting this article together. 

    If we have good explanation like this, telling us what we get and benefit from these packages then it will be easier. Earlier on someone just told me to pay for jaaxy without giving details about what it will do and how it will do it. 

    These two tools are awesome

  6. These are tools that one really need to create a successful website!

    The “Jaaxy tools” seem cool to me but not until I got the “KGR “tool! It lessen the bulk of work and make search really easy. But what I don’t understand is the money you pay, is to buy it or is it something you subscribe to monthly? I want to be clear on that. 

    Thanks so much for this information.

    • Hi Lizzychris, when joining WA you get Jaaxy lite as a member which is encluded in your WA monthly Premium. Jaaxy on its own is a monthly premium. KGR tool is currently a once-off price $47

  7. Hello, it is great to have articles like this that can help us with getting traffic to our site and get good Google ranking. I have heard about jaaxy before but I could not get a clear and detailed explanation so it was still confusing. 

    This is awesome and understandable and I think that it is better to act now and get the benefits later

    • I am so glad that I have been able to help you understand how to use Jaaxy more efficiently Smoochi. I am sure you will reap the benefits soon.  

  8. This Is a very intriguing article introducing such a nice app called best keywords, there have been several occasions you will be working on a documents with cumbersome write up and at a point you might lose words, this app will definitely go a long way to assisting you.

    Its without much doubt a stress relieving app that you wouldn’t need to be convinced on how much it will help you meet up works… So its a sure one to get installed in you device for easy usage to help less your typing stress.

    • Thank you Evans, finding the right keywords and understanding them is very important to one’s website. A great stress reliever. 

  9. Hi,

    Great post! Thanks for recommending KGR and jaaxy, I went further to do more internet research on it and I found out that they are indeed great keyword research tools to use for your website.  There are a lot of great reviews about them. Your post would really go a long way for people that are having problems with SEO content. Thanks for sharing too.

  10. This is really great to see here and thank you for sharing. To be honest,I quite frankly appreciate all you have shared here and to be honest, it is really a great feeling knowing fully well that I can maximise the potentials of my website by using the right keywords tool to get the better ranking on search engines. Thank you so much

  11. I have never heard of kgr until now that you have mentioned it in this post. I find it very good too just like jaxxy with all the good features it has. The tool I am more familiar with is jaxxy research tool and it had really been of immense help to me so I have started using it. I am happy you are able to share this too. Atleast now I know one more good tool that I can alternate. Thanks

    • My pleasure Riley, the KGR tool has great benefits too and many users achieve the results and more which KGR tool achieves. It is always great to look at other options. You can be sure to receive excellent results.

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