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How to make money from home is essential due to the fact it is able to result in advantageous adjustments. Being strong is crucial for all people, without stability, chaos and discontentment may want to arise.

This is precisely the cause of why it’s very crucial for any person to recognize how to make money from home.

make money home

Lack Of Cash

Lack of cash may be irritating and most people feel and go through this at some point in their lifetime. Stability is crucial.

You’ll never reach your destination if you do not know the way to make yourself financially able and successful.

What is AI Software

Positive things and advantageous modifications can be yours to enjoy. Deciding to make money home requires dedication and perseverance. The effects will actually outweigh the hurdles which have blocked your path.

Question And Answers Related To Mirror Trading International And How You Can Make Money Home.

As an independent member of MTI, I am happy to recommend and associate my name and this opportunity with you.

MTI grows your Bitcoin through advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software bots and is fully automated.

Sit back and receive Bitcoin on a daily basis in your wallet making money at home. The pool share is very generous and a hundred percent transparent.

Professional forex traders monitor the activities closely. They only earn income on positive trades.

This is one of the safest and well-managed investment opportunities.

This is a perfect saving or retirement plan for you or your employees. Small monthly contributions compound into massive gains held in Bitcoin over relatively short periods of time.

I have put together some questions and answers from some of our members. I will update as we come across them.

Will I will earn 0,5٪ of ZAR 500 per day?

No, that’s the average that MTI has made per day over the last year up to now. Some days are higher and some days are lower as it’s actually trading on the market against other currencies. It is held in Bitcoin and that is what grows. Not in Rand’s and the Rand Bitcoin value also can change. This is an opportunity to grow your Bitcoin and when you decide at any time to withdraw any amount, with no fees charged by MTI, the current exchange rate will apply to convert from Bitcoin into your currency.

Can you withdraw without bank account?

No, you need a bank account to deposit and purchase Bitcoin. When you withdraw you will withdraw to your private wallet for example Exodus which has your Bitcoin wallet address. You will then send your Bitcoin to your exchange Eg: Luno and then convert the Bitcoin to your currency and then deposit it into your bank account.

I have a customer who lives in Bangkok. We’re trying to set up a crypto exchange for him, but Bitpanda won’t accept Thailand’s residence. Any suggestions who can we use, please?

In Thailand you can use

What is a p2p fund transfer?

Sending funds internally to another MTI account.

Can someone explain the High Water Mark on dashboard.

It’s the level of money that you pay into your own MTI account, as someone gets 10% referral. Remember the 10% referral comes from the company and not the person you have referred.
I would imagine it prevents members, withdrawing then crediting again & again.

Can someone please explain how the normal binary bonus is calculated? I know it’s 5% of the value of Bitcoin on your weaker leg, but is there a formula on how to from the trading to this please? I’ve tried to find it but not sure where to look? Thank you

Binary is part of 20% of the trading. The 5% is part of the P1 & P2 Leadership bonuses. Have a look in your back-office. Click on your Binary bonus info and click on the View at the end. It will give you the formula.

Morning guys, i just want to confirm, it is possible to add you children as part of your down line right? If we do come to the point of KYC I assume we would probably have to provide birth certificate right?


Is MTI in Malawi?

MTI is online, hence its everywhere.

Hi Guys, what is the best exchange and wallet to use for someone wanting to join in the UK?

Coinbase,  Bitpanda and Exodus.

Can someone help? I have someone from Nepal, residing here in South Africa. He would like to open a wallet. Where can he buy Bitcoin? He has already tried  Luno but couldn’t finish the process because they asked him for documents he couldn’t provide as a foreigner. Any advice?  Thank you in advance.

In Paraguay we use VALR. Is he wanting to buy BTC with ZAR? If yes, then he could use AltCoinTrader up to an amount of ZAR15k without having to supply any documentation.

Hi, I was asked today, how do they determine the bitcoin value to the dollar? I am not sure if it has to do with the supply and demand, perhaps someone could advise me, many thanks.

The price of Bitcoin value is based on supply and demand. It is traded just like any other currency is. Bitcoin can also be seen as a hedge to other currencies just like Gold and Silver.

Hello all, Would anybody be able to assist/guide me? I have withdrawn some BTC from MTI back into my Valr Wallet. How do I get the BTC to my linked bank account or do I first have to exchange my BTC back to ZAR and into the ZAR wallet and then pay it into my bank account? How do I exchange BTC for ZAR ?? Please assist? Thanks

In your VALR wallet, go into BTC and click on sell. That means you can then sell your BTC for ZAR. After that, you need to send your ZAR to your bank account. If you are on your mobile phone, you will first have to log in to your VALR account on a laptop or other PC to be able to link a bank account to your VALR account. Once that is done, you can transfer your ZAR to your chosen bank account on your mobile or pc.

Can I transfer from MTI directly to Luno or my preferred exchange?

Always transfer through Exodus to MTI, not through an exchange . . .

Authy 2 Factor

When setting up Authy Authenticator (similar to Google Authenticator) you can create a backup recovery password (it’s a must) when moving from one device to another you can download Authy on the new device, the app will prompt (ask) for your backup/recovery password, when you successfully entered the password all your 2FA codes from various accounts will be on the new device.

The same is when you move from an old to a new device and you move your data from the old to the new all your 2FA codes will be on the new device. You can also use Authy on multiple devices.

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14 comments to “Make Money Home 2020-1”
    • Hi, Monique
      I am very glad you enjoyed my post. This is by far the best way I have found to make money online. Any questions please ask.

  1. Hello Kay,

    This is a very interesting idea on how to make passive income online!

    I’ve heard of Bitcoin obviously, but the trading game has become much more advanced than I realized.

    Is there a beginners’ course I can take somewhere to get a basic understanding of how this works?

    Or do I need to just learn as I go?

    • Hello Micheal
      MTI is such a simple platform, you do not need to have any trading knowledge as it is all done for you. In the back office, there is training for each member on how you can grow this into a business. We have live webinars daily which you can attend to learn more. Join my WhatsApp group for updates and a full detailed presentation. MTI is beginner-friendly and you will start growing your bitcoin straight away.

  2. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Kay! I’ve always been interested in trading/stocks/Bitcoin, but I never really understood it or knew where to begin. I am definitely looking for additional streams of income, and it seems like Bitcoin is a stable and reliable income source. I will definitely look into it further! God bless you!

    • Hi, CN
      I am happy you enjoyed my article. By joining MTI you do not need to have any trading knowledge this is a huge thumbs up for me. MTI is a great way to earn additional income. The best thing of all is that MTI will be allowing me to grow my bitcoin daily forever. I will actually be able to retire quite nicely with this opportunity. MTI is by far the best investment opportunity with bitcoin.

  3. I really enjoyed the article, I was somewhat interested in bitcoin about a year ago however because of the misunderstanding with it I shied away from it.

    Can buying bitcoin be profitable and what should I expect to make in a year?

    If I was going to test the waters how much should I spend or buy in bitcoins?

    Thanks for the article hoping to see more articles about bitcoin and the hows.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thank you for your comment on make money home in 2020-2021.
      Bitcoin is growing at a rapid rate at the moment and as I have been watching I believe it will hit a decent amount very soon.

      Buying Bitcoin now will be highly profitable for you in the years to come. This is a great opportunity as a member you grow your bitcoin.
      In my previous article, you are able to download a spreadsheet that will give you an estimate of what your potential earnings would be.
      You would basically double your investment in 6 months.

      On historical averages, MTI has been averaging about 0.5%. If you would like to test the waters I would advise $50 to $100 worth of bitcoin. My precious article shows a step by step guide. Not to miss out on.

  4. This is a whole new world for me. I am a bit wiser now, after reading your article, but I guess I have to digest it carefully. 🙂
    It’s interesting though. Thanks for your explanation.

    • Hello Hannie
      Thank you for your comment. I am so happy I have joined MTI, I believe this will be an opportunity to help anyone and everyone which is why I am sharing it. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

  5. First, I like the name of your website.

    Your first few paragraphs really got me interested in hearing what you had to say. The questions you posted and answered were informative and they also show how thorough your knowledge is.

    Did I read correctly, the earnings averaged .5% per day over the last year? How much is that, compounded annually?

    Thanks for the really interesting article.

    • Thank You for the lovely comment. I am glad you like the name. I hope to bring most of the common Q/A to the site to help members.

      To answer your request about the compounding, yes that is the historical average. It amounts to around 360% growth over a whole year.

  6. These are some amazing ways to make money online. I loved reading all the reviews that you have mentioned. The quote towards the top of this post ‘dreams don’t work, unless you do.’ struck me and it’s 100% true. It’s useful to have the knowledge but if you don’t work towards the goal, a dream is just a dream. Thank you for the amazing share.

    Best wishes

    • Thank-you Habib
      I will be adding more to the Q/A, I really want to help solve peoples problems quickly.
      We all need to have a dream and achieve it.

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