The how to social network marketing – Provide Value to Your Customers

How to social network marketing?

The how-to social network marketing strategy – Most industries are so aggressive these days that having a social media presence has nearly turned out to be a prerequisite only for staying afloat. Even maximum agencies which have an existing organisation profile are manner underutilizing the strength of social networks.

Here’s something to digest: conversions via social media are on average thirteen % higher than leads from traditional outbound techniques, including cold calling, TV classified ads and flyer handouts. However, agencies might not see anywhere near that per cent if they just use their channel to ship a quick reminder here and there. To make your social network page give you the results you want, provide steady feed to your followers in place of blasting them with an infinite promotional cloth. The goal of your content is first and foremost to get people to read it.

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Give Value to Your Followers

By Value, this indicates informative content free of promotional hype. Most purchasers are bombarded by means of a lot of advertising on-line and offline that they could scent a snake oil salesman from a mile away. Don’t let your social network channel become a canvas for spitting out income pitch after income pitch. Value relates to beneficial content material associated with your area of interest. The goal of your content is first and foremost to get people to read it.

customers reward beneficial content with profitable behaviours, such as: making a purchase, making contact, making a referral, or all three.

Here are four things you can focus on which can bring true value to your brand and your consumer:

  1. Become an authority. When your consumer feels that you are the authority in your field, then your value increases tenfold. …
  2. Let them feel that you understand them. …
  3. Listen to their feedback. …
  4. Surprise them

Offering your clients free gifts is another great way to get them engaged with you and your content. When you subscribe to our newsletter you can get FREE access to my bonuses.

how to social network marketing

Please share with us how you show value to your clients/customers.

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10 comments to “The how to social network marketing – Provide Value to Your Customers”
  1. This is a great timely post for me, as I am just in the process of starting to promote my website via social media. Great advice about giving value to your followers that isn’t promotional, I will definitely aim for that. This post was great for me, as it got straight to the point and gave me all the info I need. Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you, Natalie, I have to agree one does never want to come across as salesy in every post to your followers. I am glad my post helped you out. Thank you for stopping by and best wishes for you and your site.

  2. I thank you for these strategies and tips on social media marketing, you are so right providing value to your customers is your most powerful strategy especially when you are the new business online.

    So do you have any other ideas on how I can provide value to my customers, I am sure everyone would love to hear more from you?


    • Thank you Jeff, I will be creating another article soon on providing value to your customers. I will let you know when it is up.

  3. Hi, thank you for this article. I like to share helpful tips with my followers on social media. I love to get free helpful stuff when I subscribe to newsletters. I have not done it myself yet, but after reading this I will get to it soon. Thank you again.

    • Janicke, thank you for stopping by. I agree everyone loves free stuff. Another great way of getting subscribers is by providing free gifts here is a great site which allows you give away gifts to your subscribers and you get to keep all the profits regards of what your niche is. I hope it helps.

  4. Providing value to your customers is important as you have covered in this post. There are so many social media network channels that it is so hard to stay focused on any one particular brand or product. I have found myself drawn to those that do offer special deals or gifts for subscribing or purchasing a product. So, it goes to show that it does work.

    • Geri, I couldn’t agree more, knowledge is power. I came across a great product recently which allows you to control all your social media in one platform. If your interested you can check it out here. I think it is great being able to have control in one dashboard.

  5. Hey,

    I totally agree that providing value to your followers is the most important thing we can do as marketers and business owners. Especially articles that are free of promotional links and selling jargon.

    Showing your followers that you actually do care and you are not interested in selling to them all the time is what will gain you buy-in for your new ideas when you have them.

    Thank you for sharing and reminding me that value is what is important.

    All the best,


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