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Teaching Online Classes

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Yes, that’s right start teaching online classes today

Teaching online classes jobs are available now for you to apply for! An amazing company Simple International is currently seeking professional online teachers to join their amazing team teaching online classes to  Chinese kids aged 4-12 years.

Why teach English Online?

I have been teaching English online from home since 2016  you can view my story of how I began and what’s needed to start your online teaching career here.  What a journey it has been and totally worth it. What I like about teaching online is that the hours are flexible and I get to spend more time with my family, kids and attend their extra school sports activities as well as work on my online business which I first started doing free. You can read my article here. Best decision I ever made. I am recruiting for Simple. So why teach online?

  • Hours are flexible – hours are flexible in alignment with China time zone. You can check your time zone hours here.
  • Teach anywhere you are – It’s great because when I need to travel out of town as long as I have a stable internet connection I can still teach my classes.
  • Great Pay – Part Time $15-$22 per hour while Enjoying teaching English to kids or help college students excel in their English Exams.
  • Class types – Age varies from kindergarden K12 in one-on-one or small one-to-many settings.

Who are they?

Simple is linking the world through education by providing an international learning experience that allows you to teach Chinese children the English language from your home. Their mission is to inspire and empower every child for the future.

Jason Qiao

In 2014, Jason Qiao was confronted with an interesting dilemma. One of his friends had expressed an interest in traveling to China but explained that she could not afford the expensive airfare. Driven to find a solution, Jason began researching ways to fund her travel. He discovered that native English speakers willing to instruct Chinese students were in high demand, particularly from Chinese parents and schools. This was welcoming news to Jason’s friend as she was able to travel to China on the Chinese school’s dime and all she had to do was share her passion for the English language with students abroad!

Jason & Friends

Shortly thereafter, Jason and several of his friends started an organization called Simple International with the goal of helping native English speakers travel to China at no-cost by providing them with a teaching internship. Simple International is currently partnered with sixty Chinese schools and typically receives over two hundred applications per admission cycle.  Now they have online classes for teachers from around the world. Have a look at their video below.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

How does it work?

  • Submit your application – Tell us your teaching preferences and qualifications,  we’ll match you with the opportunities based on the criteria and connect you with the schools.
  • Interview with school – School will arrange an interview with you if interested and you can decide if you want to move forward with the opportunities.
  • Get Hired – Once you pass the interview, demo, trial class, then you’re officially hired to teach!

Online Teaching Classes Job Description

Simple International Online English Teaching Job: Up to $22 hourly

Teach English from home to Chinese kids aged 4-12, no degree required. TESOL or TEFL needed

The classes: 25-minute full immersion English language, 1 on 1 class or group classes.

Class time: 8:00am – 10:00pm Beijing time from Monday to Sunday.

Payment: $15 – $22/hour

Location: Conveniently teach remote from your own home.

What you need: all you need is a computer, a decent internet, and a headset. Classes are 100% English – no Chinese required!

Requirements for online teaching classes:

1. Native American, British, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Ireland preferred  (Please only apply should you meet the requirements).

2.Must have at least one Teaching Certificate: TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/TKT/LOCAL TEACHER CERTIFICATE

3.Must have one year of teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education

Start date: Immediately

Don’t hesitate to schedule your interview and demo NOW, start the new chapter in your promising Online Teaching Career from Simple International!

Please only apply directly through this link and make sure to have the following ready. You will need to upload your documents through google drive or dropbox, directions in the link.

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Location
  • Skype ID
  • Email
  • Phone no
  • Teaching Certificate
  • Link to your CV or Resume uploaded on google drive or dropbox
  • Educational Background
  • Years of teaching experience
  • Link to your introduction video uploaded on google drive or dropbox
  • Link to your availability form for weekly classes you will find directions here.
  • Your referral Kay Keene

Questions and Answers

Where can you teach? – Any quiet place with a stable internet connection.

What devices do you need? – All you need is a computer, a decent internet, and a headset. My recommendations here.

How soon can you expect the reply after submitting my application form? – Our teacher recruitment team will contact you within 48 hours on weekdays after receiving your application form.

How is the interview conducted? – The interview is conducted via Zoom, Skype or Classin. We will provide you with the username and password upon your confirmation of the interview time.

How can you prepare for the interview? – We would like you to demonstrate your teaching skills and abilities by using the teaching materials we provide which will be included in the interview invitation.

Do you need to do any lesson plans? – Not necessarily, but you will need to prepare for each class with props, visual aids and other teaching tools that you may wish to use, and familiarize yourself with the teaching materials and the teaching platform.

How long is one lesson? – 25 or 50 minutes.

How many students will you be teaching in one lesson? – 1 or 4 or 30-40 students.

What is the class time? – 8:00 am – 10:00 pm Beijing time from Monday to Sunday. Check your time zone here.

How is your pay rate determined? – Based on your education-related experience and your performance in the demo, your hourly salary will be decided. You will be informed about the pay rate as well as other important issues considering your pay. And, the pay rate will be included in your contract.

How much can you earn? – Your salary will be a combination of base pay and incentive which largely depend on your performance.


How does the payment work? – You will be paid monthly via Paypal.

What about taxes? – Teachers will be hired as independent contractors and so will be responsible for their own taxes.

​I am a resident of Canada; do I get paid in US dollars? – Yes, all teachers will be paid in US dollars.

How does the scheduling work? – We schedule lessons according to your available hours.

Teaching Online Classes

Tips and Tools for online teaching classes

As a result I always make sure I am well prepared. Be sure to prepare yourself well for your interview and demo as well as your regular everyday classes. As I have been teaching and interviewing for the past few years here are some tips to help guide you.

You will be scored on the following:

  • Appropriate Energy levels – smile praise and be excited (I remember my first demo I did not show appropriate Energy levels as a result this that was the cause of me not obtaining the position.) Practice.
  • Use of TPR (Total Physical Responses) –  be natural and in a fluent manner
  • Student output – be sure that your student responds well you want them to understand you and enjoy the lesson.
  • Preparation of Usage of Tools – make sure to use a reward system and props I love to use Manycam, ManyCam is a free webcam software & screen recorder for your live streams & video chats you can purchase the upgraded version but I use the free version and it works great for all levels junior and adult. I advise you download manycam to improve your classes.
  • Appropriate talking pace & simplified instructions – speak slowly, clearly and in a simplified way.
  • Good Time management – do not rush start and finish in a timely manner.
  • Delivery of Learning Objectives – your goal is to achieve the lesson objective, vocabulary, sentence structure, and activities during the lesson.
  • Professionalism – be sure to have excellent lighting without shadows, good camera position to show shoulders and above. Please make sure to have proper posture and appropriate clothing.

Wishing you the best

I hope that my tips and tricks will help you with your application to teach online classes. I wish you the best of luck with your interview and teaching career and look forward to you joining our team.

Click the link to apply for this job today.

“[Kids] don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”
― Jim Henson, 
17 comments to “Teaching Online Classes – Jobs – APPLY TODAY!!!”
  1. This is a great opportunity. Too bad my nationality doesn’t qualify … I’m half Belgian, half German, but I live in Mexico and I work in a bilingual school. I am interested in teaching online, but I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m not sure if I would be accepted …

  2. I’m an English teacher and also work online. I’ve been wondering how to ally the two to make some money on the internet. It looks like this is it.

    You’ve opened my eyes wide to something I’ve been dreaming off all the time. Thanks for all that actionable pieces of advice.I’m going to apply to teach online. And if I make it, it’ll all be thanks to you.

    Thank you.

  3. looking at the rate at which the world wants to learn the English language, most especially that are non-speaker of English, it brings the greater importance of teaching online. The idea is a very useful one because not everyone would want to travel away from their families to teach other people in a foreign land. Also in the aspect of teaching, you’re exposed to a wider range of students readily available to be taught. From all this and the means of getting money which is per hour, then I must say it is indeed something which those who can teach should give a try to. Nice post.

  4. Wow, this is a very good opportunity to those of us who will like to teach online, I’ve been trying to get a really good platform to make money by impacting knowledge on others. This is a good post and its really useful. Your tips are very useful and I’m very sure they’ll help me achieve my goals of being an online teacher. Please how often will classes be available and is there any restrictions about time??

    • You would need to check your time zone, the nice thing is that you would have classes for most of the day because the large group classes with 30 kids in are taught at government schools where the screen in which the students see you is a huge overhead projector so you are as large as a blackboard in a normal classroom. Your smaller classes are basically where the student is at home on the pc or tablet. You can choose the hours which suit you to teach. It is advisable that you do not cancel your classes often as this may result in fewer future bookings to fill your time slots thus showing that you are not quite reliable. 

  5. I must confess this is a really nice offer. Many people out there are looking for means ti make money which they haven’t found yet and they are very good at teaching and are good at english in particular. Such opportunity should be made known to everyone more and more.
    This idea happens to be one of the best online teaching offer I have seen to far. Earning the sum of $22 in an hours is much more better than some salary earner that I know of. With such money involved, are there limited time to which a person can teach in a day?

    • It really is good money it all depends on the company itself usually a min of 6-10 hours per week. I usually take 3 hours per day that way I still have time for my online business. 

  6. Hi Kay,

    Teaching English is a good idea for those who are native speakers and also want to make money online! There is something I love for this program: the first one is location free & you only need a computer, a headset and stable wifi for the basic facility. The second is the session is only 25 mins which are not as long as a class in school. It’s amazing that the Internet changes the way we educate and teach, what wonderful that is!

  7. In the post is presented an excellent opportunity to make extra money. Thanks for sharing. Especially since as far as I know the teachers are not well paid in most countries. But I wonder if an Algerian English teacher, for example, can apply for this job?

    All the best for you

  8. I learned something new today. That’s why I love the internet. I didn’t know people can teach language classes online as described in your post about teaching English to Chinese kids. Simple International sounds like a great opportunity for someone who wants part-time income while working from home. While I understand the class length, what is the duration of the teaching contract or class? Is it a set period of time or school year?

  9. What a cool concept, I like the idea of teaching online and the ability to work whenever I want, even in a part-time fashion. One question though, I don’t have any formal qualifications as a teacher, do I need that to apply? Some of the best teachers in my life have no formal education in what they teach/mentor but they are some of the best to ever do it.

    • Hi Marvin, the min requirement to teach is 1-year experience and a TEFL or TESOL certificate, the TEFOL/TESOL certificate is the course done in order to learn and know how to teach English as a Foreign or Second language. These courses are available online to do and in one of my links, I share where one can apply to obtain this qualification. It can take 6 months to a year to get qualified depending on how much time you are able to put in for studying. 

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