What Is Mirror Trading International – Passive Income – Daily Returns


What Is Mirror Trading International

Situated in the Western Cape of South Africa, (My Sunny Home Country😁) Johann Steynberg is the CEO and Founder of Mirror Trading International. The Attorneys and Legal Advisers are Ulrich Roux and Associates.

What is Mirror Trading International you may ask? – well, the objective of Mirror International is to grow your Bitcoin. With Mirror International your balance in trade is always in Bitcoin and you earn BTC daily. When the price of Bitcoin rises, the value of your trading account increases.

How it works

Mirror International trades Forex Monday to Friday using Advanced Artificial Intelligence Software with Bitcoin as the base currency.

The profitability of Mirror Trading International comes solely from the trading activites. Your full Bitcoin investment goes into your trading account.

make money while you sleep

Passive Income

What Is Passive IncomePassive income is when you continue to get paid after the work is done.

  • MTI Provides a passive income opportunity.
  • You can earn passively from the daily trading activities
  • Remember that trade results are not guaranteed and no trading experience is required (this is great for anyone as you can grow your Bitcoin without even knowing how to trade)

In MTI There Are:

❌ no admin fees

❌ no membership fees

❌ no subscriptions

❌ no packages

❌ no costs

❌ no deductions

What is Mirror International

Trade Income is allocated as follows

40% goes to you as the member

20 % goes to the Binary Bonus Pool

5 % goes to the P1/P2 leadership Bonus Pool

25 % goes to the traders

10 % goes to MTI for the administration and to pay the Referral Bonuses. Referring is a added bonus should you wish to do so.

❗ Remember that historical results are no guarantee of future results.


The System

The system is fully automated, you can sit back, relax and receive your daily statement detailing the income from the trades for day. These statements can be found in your back office from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Your daily Trade Profits are automatically compounded.


⏺ In MTI there are no contracts/lock down

⏺ Withdraw in full or partial

⏺ Withdraw whenever you like

⏺ No withdrawal fees/penalties

Requests are paid within 48 hours. Your requested amount is sent to your Bitcoin Wallet within 48 hours.

Investors Focus

MTI provides you with a passive, sustainable income, from your Bitcoin in trade.

How do I start?

My husband and I have invested in MTI and we are over the moon with the results. Please join our WhatsApp group for resources and support, attend our weekly zoom meetings where you can ask questions and learn more about the company and how to grow your business.

Register with MTI.

✅ Fund your account with Bitcoin

✅ Start with as little as $20 worth of Bitcoin

✅ Accounts not funded within 7 days will be deleted. However you may register again.

Earn Passively from the daily trading activities and grow your bitcoin.

That summaries the passive part of the opportunity and as a member you will earn from the trading activities and grow your bitcoin.

Optional Referral Program

Mirror Trading has an optional Referral Program should you wish to refer your friends or new members. Feel free to join our whatsapp group to discover more.

I look forward to helping you grow your bitcoin with this amazing opportunity.

I would appreciate if you used my link to subscribe.

Hit the subscribe button to receive notifications on this great opportunity which I highly recommend. On my next post I will take you through the dashboard of MTI.

Until next time have a super day.

Feel free to contact me on whatsapp +27712283370

Join our Whatsapp Group here to join in on an MTI Webinar: https://bit.ly/2LxPGgN

Join the telegram group: https://t.me/growingmybtc

Contact me on +27712283370

Visit our site and register here: https://bit.ly/2Xc9Keg

Disclaimer MTI

“This document was prepared and released by Kay Keene on www.anglewolf.com in my personal capacity. The opinions, views and content expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the view/s of MirrorTrading International (Pty) Ltd. This is not an official statement released by Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd and I hereby indemnify Mirror Trading International (Pty) Ltd.”

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15 comments to “What Is Mirror Trading International – Passive Income – Daily Returns”
  1. Hey nice article you have there. I have heard little about mirror trading international from a friend, having gone through this article, I now have a better understanding of its framework. It’s  quite a lucrative platform since it works with Bitcoin and your earnings being paid to your trading account. If I wished to refer someone, is there any bonus attached to it?.

    • HI, edhnewton, thank you so much, yes there is a great bonus on the optional referral program. You can whatsapp me on +27712283370 then I can send you the details with the bonus and share more information with you, you can join our zoom meetings to find out more and how the whole process works. Please do contact me so I can share this with you and help you to grow your bitcoin. 

  2. BTC is becoming more popular nowadays and many people are embracing it especially in this pandemic, but it has not been easy to find a trust worthy company out there.
    But I like the way mirror trading international presented the review, and it also gave a free sign up with 48 hours withdrawal request that is great.

    • Thank you Blessed, this is a great opportunity with over 1000 members joining per day. Please feel free to contact me on +27712283370 where you can join my group, learn more and grow your bitcoin.

  3. Nice review for a different way of doing bitcoin. It’s good to see that some companies are still looking for more ethical ways of doing business and not just scamming every late comer to the bitcoin craze. Does the company use any other crypto or just bit? Thank you for your thorough review that gives more hope into bitcoin.

    • HI, Kit, that is so very true, I am really with the results I am receiving through Mirror International Trading. MIrror INternational does not trade against bitcoin or other cryptos. The fund pool is held and underwritten and insured in bitcoin.

  4. Hello Anglewolf team! A very good article you’ve presented and thanks for sharing. Bitcoin is currently very popular as an online trading currency. Various trading apps on google store and apple store are available which is new in the market. Though in 2013 or 14, bitcoin was believed that it would become a major source of currency in online trading world, but due to unfortunate events such as frauds and scams during those days made its popularity drop down. Now it seems bitcoin is again regaining its momentum. It may take some time to get people’s attentions on this crypto currency. More of a reliable source such as your site is required to make it available to the common man. What I would want to know is, who supervise the use and terms and conditions of bitcoin? Is it the world bank or some other financial institute? Please do share the knowledge. 

    • Hello, Athokpam thank you for your reply, to answer your question: Bitcoin is owned, mined, shared by its users and backed by its technological value. It’s not classified as a fiat currency and there’s no vat attached so it’s only regulated by its own market trades and growth. When converting to fica for withdrawl you then declare it as any other additional income and pay your taxes. That’s the only government regulation

  5. I have never heard of bitcoin before, but since I’ve been reading this post, I have learnt a lot about bitcoin. Your article is very informative, interesting and eye-catching. My favourite part of this article is passive income, make money while you sleep. I would love to have a passive income, make money while I sleep, don’t have to wake up early in the morning to sacrifice yourself to go to work while you’re tired. 

    Passive income and make money while you sleep is my favourite topic to talk about because I’ve always wanted to have a passive income. I don’t want to be working for someone just to get paid to work. I want to make money while I sleep, have freedom, don’t have to worry about spending money because all the money comes to me. 

    Anyway, thanks for posting this article. 

    • Thanks, Gordon, I would love to share this opportunity with you, please contact me on +27712283370 where you can join in on our meetings and see how you can make money while you sleep. 

  6. Bitcoin has caught the eye of almost every person in the last few days. But finding a reliable source to handle bitcoin is very rare. The author has stated every detail that a person who might be interested in earning through bitcoins should know. They’ve also listed ways to get in touch with them if one needs any kind of assistance. They’ve mentioned everything with great transparency, which is amazing. Also, they’ve clearly mentioned that investing does not mean a 100% result, it depends on various factors. This kind of honesty is rare these days.

    • Thank you, Samantha, I am so grateful for investing in MTI.  By adding to my MTI account monthly should I choose to my reward would be far greater than using a regular bank account. Feel free to pop in on a meeting and see what it is all about.

  7. Bitcoin has caught the eye of almost every person in the last few days. But finding a reliable source to handle bitcoin is very rare. The author has stated every detail that a person who might be interested in earning through bitcoins should know. They’ve also listed ways to get in touch with them if one needs any kind of assistance. They’ve mentioned everything with great transparency, which is amazing. Also, they’ve clearly mentioned that investing does not mean 100% result, it depends of various factors. This kind of honesty is rare these days.

  8. I have heard so much about Bitcoin in recent days and it certainly seems like this could be a great opportunity. I like that with Mirror Trading International, there seem to be no fees to pay. Just a portion seems to go to others while you keep most of what is earned. However I do fee like I am still a bit uninformed on the subject of cryptocurrency. What would you say is more beneficial or better about it than regular currency?

    • Hi, Steve what I like about Mirror International is that it offers us so much more than what I would get with a normal bank within a year. Setting up is quick and easy. I can add funds to it whenever I like and withdraw whenever I like too there is no fixed term contract. Mirror international already has over 38000 members and is growing at a rapid rate. I believe Bitcoin is going to skyrocket very soon and those invested in it will be smiling all the way. Join the whatsapp group and you will learn so much tonight about crypto we have a meeting tonight discussing the overview of the company. 




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