What Is Online Investing? – Investing with MTI – My Honest Review

What is online investing - Investing with MTI

What is online investing? Well, online investing can be one of the most fruitful investment choices you can make. Crypto Buying and Selling is one of the most exciting industries and this is commonly due to the fact the trades are never identical and the market is always evolving. As a result, no two days could be identical within the crypto exchange industry.

What is online investing and what do you think?

Online investing is one enterprise wherein even the common person can experience multiple benefits through small investments that may be extraordinarily fruitful in the long run. However, it is time for people to make the most of this opportunity that trading offers and enjoy the lucrative world of crypto trading.

Online Investing in Crypto Trading can be great if you have the knowledge, but what if you don’t? MTI has made it possible for even the newbie to grow their Bitcoin on a daily basis.

If you do know how to trade and understand how to read charts then you definitely want to stick around to hear this, if you don’t then this is a great chance to educate yourself and reinforce your financial future.

UPDATED: 16 September 2020 EXCITING NEWS – 🤩🥰 This week were able to buy our new car a Stunning Suzuki S.Presso. And THIS IS HOW WE DID IT!!!

I am going to share with you how you can enjoy investing online without ever needing to learn how to trade. I earn a passive daily profit, growing my bitcoin wallet, without having any trading experience at all and I am achieveing mine and my families financial goals and growing closer to our dreams everyday.

What is Online Investing with Mirror Trading International All About?

That is to say, I am just blessed to be here and this has been the best financial decision myself, my husband and my family have ever made. You’re going to see exactly how and why MTI has well over 150 000 members and about 1000 new members daily in over 196 countries.

Let’s get this online investing party started

What is online investing? Before we get into how you can start investing with MTI please note that any and all the information shared is not to be considered as financial advice. As a member of MTI, I am not a financial adviser, I am merely sharing my personal experience of this opportunity. There is no guarantee that you will experience any or the same results though all information is historically accurate based on our trades since we went live. Please, make sure that you understand the opportunity and ask for clarification, if you are unsure of any of the points shared do not hesitate to contact us.

Who is Mirror Trading International

  • MTI (Mirror Trading International)
  • Started in April 2019
  • CEO Johann Steynberg
  • Registered Company In South Africa
  • MTI Offers Crypto Trading Services
  • MTI is NOT a Financial Advisory Company
  • Head Office in Stellenbosch
CEO Johann Steynberg Mirror Trading International

The Vision

MTI’s vision is to make a substantial contribution to the economic well-being of people around the world. No matter their class, race or gender. MTI as a business, brand and membership as a company has grown rapidly across the globe. They want to build a global and iconic heritage brand that delivers sustainable growth and value creation for all stakeholders. empowering all who join to take control of their own destinies.

Value and Service

MTI offers an opportunity for you to GROW your Bitcoin Portfolio. Trading services are conducted with Bitcoin as the base currency. MTI pride themselves on consistency and transparency.

Why Bitcoin?

Bitcoin as an asset (think gold but digital) is a constantly growing commodity. Outperforming all fiat (USD, GBP, EUR) currencies when it comes to increased annual buying power. In other words, normal money is worth less each year, bitcoin is worth more.

As the Bitcoin price fluctuates, so does the value of your Bitcoin amount with MTI. So you are not only growing your bitcoin wallet, the value of that wallet also increases as bitcoin does. Note that bitcoin value also decreases according to the markets, though it’s always recovered at an even higher rate.

Trades are conducted daily on your behalf, completely passive earnings (earn while you sleep).

You receive full disclosure on trades conducted daily, so what does that mean? For those forex and crypto traders who have knowledge on that market, you can look on the report to see the trades which have been executed on your behalf. For those not yet accustomed to the crypto world the trading report is an interesting read of how markets work and what we do to grow our Bitcoin.

MTI offers the opportunity to grow your BTC daily. The future of Bitcoin(BTC) itself is bright and the increase in value is inevitable. As members with MTI owning and growing our bitcoin, so is ours.

Think About It?

Do your research. We can all see that Bitcoin is Booming and I don’t see it going away in the future. Many professionals predict BTC doubling or even tripling by the end of 2021, and past history shows this is even a conservative estimate. If you had bitcoin back in January and you still have it today, well guess what, you would have experienced over 65% growth!!! 😮 SAY WHAAATTT??? 🤑 That is what MTI members have experienced from January until now, including myself personally.

The life of bitcoin has gone from very little initial value all the way up 55000% growth from its conceptualization. Today it sits easily over the 11000 USD mark.


MTI Trading

⏺ Trading Software exclusive to MTI members.

⏺ Trading CRYPTO from Monday to Friday.

⏺ The accounts base currency is BITCOIN.

⏺Your daily profits are automatically added to your trading pool. You don’t have to worry about moving your profits into the trading pool this is automatically done for you every day.

⏺ Trading results vary every day. MTI executes anywhere from 400 – 800 trades per day. The system does this for you.

⏺ MTI has a proven track record.

⏺ What separates MTI from the others, apart from the system, the community and its visionaries, is that it is 100% free to be a member. No joining fees, administration fees or subscriptions. Your BTC is always your BTC.

⏺ No withdrawal fees. You could deposit today experience the profits and withdraw tomorrow if that is what you would like to do.

⏺ Profit through MTI is generated through trade only.

is mti a pyramid scheme
Read what others say here


How Are Trading Profits Shared?

mirror international trading profits

⏫⏫⏫These are the trading profits and how they are allocated.

MTI is only keeping 10% of the profit for themselves. I have not heard of any other company which gives their members more than what they take for themselves. It’s a unique system, with a real visionary at the helm and a team that believes in something bigger than themselves. Always pushing the limits and supporting us, its investors, while growing our BTC at practically no risk.

So if you look at the right side of the graph, the largest side, you will see that 40% goes to the members. Most members do not refer, the referral is optional, you will still make your profits regardless. As long as you have your bitcoin here it will grow.

MTI has enhanced the platform and provided many more resources and tools to make it easier for us to win.

For those who want to become knowledgeable and keep up to date with the latest developements MTI has given you the resources and leadership support to help you achieve this. Know that this available to you and not required.

What makes MTI Different?

  • No registration fees, subscriptions or administration fees
  • No packages or expiration of your BTC Capital
  • Full transparency
  • Proven Track Record
  • No trading knowledge required to be a member
  • A truly PASSIVE Income
  • Your FULL BTC Capital goes into trade
  • Daily Compounding growth
  • Withdrawals are quick and easy
  • No withdrawal fees or waiting period
  • No cancellation fees

MTIs track record speaks for itself. Personally I know that MTI will continue to grow into the future, perhaps for decades to come. I believe in what we have with this opportunity and I believe in sharing this proven track record with those who need it and those who want to take a leap of faith as we did. I have been in the BTC business for a few years and have never come across a company with daily growth like this, no fees, legitimate trading history and excellent support. Until I discovered MTI that is. This has done so much for our family helping us now especially through these COVID times.


Withdrawals are quick and easy. This allows you to access your funds whenever you need them, wherever you need them. Perhaps your situation is similar to ours. We lost our vehicle due to an accident as COVID lock-down hit. No vehicles were being sold at the time and having a vehicle is integral to my husband’s employment. With the quick withdrawals from MTI we were able to obtain the necessary funds in order to rent a vehicle, which was not cheap for two months, though with our MTI funds we were able to carry on and get by. Without MTI, I don’t even want to consider what might have happened.

You can earn while you learn

MTI’s Current Track Record

MTI Track Record

✳Percentages shown includes compounding.

✳Daily Trading results vary, and no fixed return is guaranteed.

✳ Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Imagine if you were to have joined MTI last year September 2019 and fast forward to June 2020, look at the growth you would have experienced 166,18% that’s part of the 40% daily profits. A daily average of 0.49%. If you didn’t join then, then you lost out. But don’t worry you can still start your journey and make these daily profits. The choice is yours to take action and get your freedom back. You can Register for FREE and secure your position to make a difference today for your future. You have 7 days to fund your account with bitcoin. Once you create your account the dashboard will be available immediately in order for you to familiarize yourself with the system before funding it.

Our First Negative Day

negative day

Since last year MTI has executed over 100 000 trades and over 450 trade days and out of these trade days we have experienced 1 negative trade day.

As a member that day, the only negative day we had to date in such a volatile market, there was a loss of 0.0373%. The trading is real and the results are not guaranteed. I will state though that on the previous and following day we made almost a full 1%. Meaning the loss was negligible and recuperated within hours, also the BTC value went up that day so I still made a dollar profit.

What does this mean?

To tell you the truth I was not and am not worried. I realise and have seen the proof that actual trading is taking place (you can see your daily trading statement in your back office) and clearly our risk is well managed considering the minor loss we incurred. It just shows the legitimacy of the trades and that we are ACTUALLY trading.

It’s been over two months since then. We are now a purely crypto platform, having nothing to do with any specific countries currency, and every day since then (and before) has given positive growth. The value of your BTC is shown also in dollars in your back office in order for its members to understand exactly what their account is worth, though it is held safely in BTC. Our trading software is well managed and our CEO, Johann Steynberg, keeps an eagle eye on it along with a team of traders and engineers.

Negative trades are nothing to be alarmed about. MTI is still an incredible opportunity and the future has never looked brighter. This is not an affiliate company or a pyramid scheme so real-world trades have real-world effects. Four hundred plus days of growth against one very small day of loss, well my account is growing so I’m all good.

The Optional Referral Program

With a solid service for people to create a passive income, a referral program was the natural choice to market MTI. Remember this is optional and if you do not want to participate in it you don’t have to. Your Bitcoin will still continue to grow. This has blessed me and my family and I personally feel that my friends and followers should be blessed too. By referring those we wanted to help we have all grown more financially stable together.


Ways to earn

🧐 TRADING – Daily

No requirements

🧐 REFERRAL BONUS – 10% (This does not come out of your referrals investment. This is not a pyramid structure. MTI keeps 10% of the daily profits to assign referral bonuses, they then keep what is left as their share. This is done in order to reward those who share this great opportunity and put in the work of adding new members to their team.) This is paid out to you in your wallet 7 days after your referrals wallet is funded.

Requirement: Recommended minimum BTC to the value of $100 USD

🧐 BINARY BONUS – 20% of PROFIT divided proportionally weekly

Requirement: BTC to value of $200 USD.

Refer 2 people personally ($100 USD each)

1 left leg 1 right leg (minimum BTC $100 USD)

So when it comes to the Binary bonuses and you have referred your mother, brother, or whoever it is, I would recommend that you encourage your family members to reach that next level (should you be able to do so) as that will help you reach your weekly residual bonus. Our weekly bonus has grown week after week as a result of this system. If you want to build on this and create a passive income outside your actual BTC investment wallet please see below. This is a completely optional offering from MTI and is in no way a requirement to earn daily BTC growth.

Our weekly residual bonus has grown weekly!!


Requirement: BTC to the value of $200 USD

  • A personal referral that is Binary qualified
  • 1 share
  • Valid for 8 weeks


Requirement: BTC to the value of $200 USD

  • A personal referral that is P1 qualified
  • Earn proportionally from members weaker leg
  • Valid indefinitely

The Binary

MTI Binary

Let’s take a look at the structure at the top you have Sam, then Luvo and then You. You have two legs as you help your team you will experience spill over. How deep you earn is dependant on your personal BTC balance.

  • $200 USD (10 levels)
  • $1000 USD (20 levels)
  • $5000 USD (30 levels)
  • $1000 USD (infinity)

Let’s have a look at the binary video. Click here to join our WhatsApp group for daily live presentations which go into more detail. Or contact me on +27712283370.


Binary Calculation

what is online investing - MTI Binary calculation

These are the binary calculations, what I want you to focus on without confusing you is that it’s sustainable. Remember you have two legs and the Total Weaker Leg Volume Of Binary Qualified Members is x 20 % of the weekly trading profit which is = to your Binary Bonus. I mentioned you need to have $200 worth of bitcoin in your trading account and personally refer 2 members each with $100 worth of BTC in their trading account and place one on each leg. This is a great way to earn additional income.

Leadership Bonuses

MTI Binary leadership bonus

Step 1: Is to become Binary Qualified

what is online investing MTI Leadership bonus

Step 2: Earn P1 Shares – Assist your personal referral to become Binary Qualified. You and both of your direct referrals need to have a minimum of $200 BTC in their account.

Once your personal referral member becomes Binary Qualified you earn another P1 share.

✳ 2.5% of Trading Profits are divided equally amongst all shares earned. Each share is viable for 8 weeks.

what is online investing MTI P1 and P2 bonus

Step 3: Earn P2 Shares – Assist your personal referral to earn a P1 Share.

When they qualify for P1 you earn P2 share from their weaker leg also. Everyone needs to have $200 USD worth of BTC in their trading wallet.

✳ 2.5% of Trading profit is divided proportionality between P2 qualifiers. This is an indefinite bonus.

Take Note

  • Your BTC is ONLY used to be traded.
  • Your BTC is NOT used to pay any other person in the system.
  • All payouts are from PROFITS only generated in trade for that week.
  • New members are NOT needed for current members to earn from trades or network.
  • BTC is generated through TRADING and NOT recruiting.
  • Your daily trading profits are automatically compounded every day.
  • You can withdraw whenever you please without any limitations.
  • There are no earning limits on trades.

Income Recap

✳ Daily TRADING PROFIT automatically added to your trading pool every day.

✳ 10% REFERRAL BONUS a week in arrears as a once-off. (paid to you 7 days later)

LEADERSHIP BONUS (P1 & P2) are paid weekly (see the bonus requirements)

✳ You get paid the BINARY BONUS every week

  • The binary percentage you earn can fluctuate.
  • 20% Binary Bonus Pool value depends on trading profits for that week.
  • Your weaker leg volume changes as more people join and withdraw.
  • You need $200 USD worth of Bitcoin invested yourself to earn from the binary.
  • You need two personal referrals.

How to get started with online investing?

See my step by step guide on how to sign up to MTI.

  1. Get a link from the person who referred you. Click here for my link.
  2. Create a FREE MTI Profile.
  3. Buy BTC from various platforms – If you do not have any. (My step by step guide has a list of exchanges.)
  4. Fund your MTI trading account with a suggested minimum of $100 USD worth of BTC.
  5. Trading starts automatically.
  6. In this case, I would advise you refer two people (should you wish to join the affiliate and leadership benefits)
  7. Daily Profits compound automatically. Sit back and watch your BTC grow, or go find new referrals for a BTC boost.



I hope you enjoyed my article on what is online investing and investing with MTI. I hope to see you on the inside joining a winning team. Feel free to leave some comments and if you have already joined MTI I would like to hear some of your success stories too.

Join our whatsapp group or contact me on +27712283370.


Online investing AUGUST 2020 Q&A With CEO Johann Steynberg

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6 comments to “What Is Online Investing? – Investing with MTI – My Honest Review”
  1. Thank you for the honest review. In the past I really struggled to find any honest content as everything seems to be a scam. There is a lot of scams though. I got my account now from where I can buy Cryptocurrencies but never was sure if I should as it’s still quite new to me. I was always interested in Bitcoin as that’s where I see potential. I wish I had your guide a couple years ago:-) I will go through your guide again and surely this time I will make a purchase. Thank you.

    • Hi Ola, that is great news, My guide will show you how to do it, earning daily is the best and growing my bitcoin daily has been lucrative for me and my family. I look forward to helping you grow your bitcoin. It is well worth it. 

  2. Another fascinating article- I am loving learning about all this. I have a question as I’m very much a newbie to this. If I do sign up, how do I know what bitcoin to buy? Does it walk you through it? I really like the idea of this, but I’m aware I still have a lot to learn so may be something for the future 🙂

    • Hi Natalie, yes in my step by step guide I have a walkthrough showing you how to buy bitcoin and load your account. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency all by itself so you would purchase Bitcoin. You can contact me at any time if you have any problems and I will guide you.

      • Thanks for the detailed review of MTI. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a review of MTI covering all the aspects of the program.

        This seems to be an interesting platform. I will surely look into it and see if I can join them. But the fees are looking pretty hefty.

        Thanks for sharing.

        • Hi, Habib, MTI, in my opinion, is the best platform I have come across and I highly recommend it. You mentioned the fees looked hefty. With MTI there are no fees.
          * No joining fees
          * No admin fees
          * No withdrawal fees
          The only fees you would pay would be the fee charged when converting your currency into BTC (exchange fee) all exchanges charge fees. You can view a list of worldwide exchanges here. MTI does NOT charge any fees.

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